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Eraserheads Reunion Concert - I was there shocked but fullfilled

Eraserheads Reunion Concert - I was there shocked but fullfilled

There was a lot of misunderstanding on the title and the way I put the story out. I hope the little edits and the actual link back to the owner will give my readers and Eraserheads fans a clearer picture to the story.

Long Live Eheads

Below are accounts by one of my fellow countryman who experienced the power of the Eraserheads. She made a wonderful post and you can find more on it on her multiply page and her blog too.



We were at the venue at 4pm. The sun beat down on us; the heat rose from the pavement and yet we persevered. This was the concert of a lifetime and it was an event we wouldn't miss for the world.

The Eraserheads Reunion concert was a quiet wish in every Eheads fan's mind, whispered among friends reminiscing about "those days", and a thought that resonated among all those who were touched by their music. Six years later, it all comes to a head!

At first I didn't want to believe it. It was too good to be true, and yet, everyone I knew (well my siblings mostly) were reminding me to register on the Red Nation site. And I put it off til the last minute when the hulabaloo with DOH blew up. I even put off buying the tickets when another promoter took on the gargantuan task of mounting the event when I heard about Ely's mom. But eventually I found myself in the middle of the concert grounds at The Fort.

The hours seemed interminable. We sat ourselves down near the fence that demarcated the VIPs from paying masses. We waited for friends to file into the patron section, snarled at those who skipped about in the VIP area, and waited, waited, waited. Every 60 minutes a voice over reminded us to party safely and to use the portalets near the exits. We memorized his spiel soon enough. I looked around and thought, so many bald empty spaces. I wonder if the patron section, at least, would fill up? Funny that I even thought of questioning that.

The sun set, and close to 7.40 pm I looked behind me. Nothing but people, as far as your eye could see! Everyone started getting restless and it started to get warm. The energy was starting to heighten and instantly we were in a sauna of humanity. The screens started lighting up (previously they were showing Incubus concert images) until a timer started counting down ten minutes. Everyone counted out loud every ten seconds to the minute. The last ten seconds were counted down so loudly I swear it could be heard as far as C5.

And finally, with a sweep of lights, they were on! Shrieks, squeals, screams and a massive human crush ensued. People yelled and stomped, sang and bounced and I wept. It was real. And it was all just too overwhelming! Raimund, Ely, Markus and Buddy were finally together, after all this time, singing the songs that defined this generation. They sang Alapaap and everyone was on Cloud 9. They took it a step further and accompanied it with fireworks. It was the party we were all waiting for for six years.

It was hot. I never sweated so much, not even at the gym. I guess so did everyone...but we didn't care. They sang a mix of songs from their first to last albums...Ligaya, Toyang, Fruitcake, Kaliwete, etc. The setlist is online already somewhere and we can link to it. However I must mention that they made my night when they sang Shake Yer Head. It was one of three songs I was waiting for.

They sang With a Smile (while I bawled). I couldn't be sure but I thought I heard Ely's voice break. Then they sang a couple more songs and they got to Lightyears. I was pretty sure by this time that Ely was breathing harder and his voice shook. It was pretty quiet now, and at the end of the song, Ely sat down on stage and leaned his head on his guitar. The lights went out.

I had a weird feeling about this. I though it was just me being OC, that the voice over talent didn't announce there was an intermission. The countdown timer flashed on screen. It said 20.00 minutes. People started to relax and rest, take some water and breathe. We were waiting and passing bottles of iced tea and Vitwater around when the band and a lady came out on stage. Buddy took the mic and introduced everyone including the girl, Lalyn, Ely's sister.

This was not good.

Raimund said, please listen to what she has to say. We know you'll understand. She read a note. Ely was rushed to the hospital due to stress and his failing health. Thank you for coming and we really apologize for cutting the concert short. Everyone was shocked.

The promoters asked us to pray and offer a moment of silence for Ely. And we did. And then we all filed out of the venue, dazed and worried. But most of all, bitin. Feelings were mixed: we were all feeling slightly cheated, but what was that compared to Ely collapsing backstage and possibly going through so much physical pain? We wanted more, but wasn't that being selfish, seeing how he risked so much just to get on stage and continue? It was all too surreal.

50,000 people suddenly found themselves loitering all over Serendra, so much energy prematurely corked, and the gravity of the situation weighing down on everyone. Everyone was asking everyone else what really happened. Mobile networks were clogged but text messages flew back and forth nevertheless. How is Ely? What now?

As of this writing people close to him have twittered and sent messages, saying he was conscious and stable. We all heave a sigh of relief. But what about the rest of the band? Where are they? How are they?

What about the fans? How are they feeling? Friends from the music scene say musicians are gathered in Sa Guijo right now. The thousands of fans who gathered there are probably huddled together simultaneously trying to figure out what happened and reminiscing about the experience; possibly wishing, whispering and hoping among themselves something this big could happen again.

Maybe they believe -- just as I do -- that it will!

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Sweaty and Shirtless Ryan Phillipe running away exercise pics

Ryan Phillipe getting All Shirtless & Sweaty

Ryan Phillipe has taken girlfriend Abbie Cornish to Las Vegas to celebrate her 26th birthday. The couple are staying in a suite at The Palazzo where they arrived on Wednesday evening. Yesterday the two went to Tao Beach for some sun and drinks before heading to spend the afternoon at Canyon Ranch Spa, catching some Cirque du Soleil, and dinner and partying back at Tao.

Not only is Ryan nice enough to do all of that for his girlfriend, the hunk has done us a favor by going shirtless twice in one week, and It doesn’t get much hotter than that. He’s gotta be aiming for Sexiest Man or something this year.

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FMF Image
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